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What is OnBase?

Your solution for the future.

Through the ‘Point & Click’ configuration, OnBase is the platform that organizes, automates, or does what you want with the information in the organization (documents, data, tasks, relationships, procedures) working together with your existing systems.

Regardless of industry, size, department or process, simplicity or complexity of needs, OnBase is your solution for the future.



Gain control over information.

No matter the location and document format, OnBase will capture and organize them – and the information within – in a single system with minimal human interaction.

No more lost content, no more time wasted with manual insertion.

Capture Documents:
Digitize paper documents with a variety of capture methods including mobile capture, batch volume scanning and direct capture from MFPs.

Electronic Capture:
Emails, PDFs, Office documents are just some of the digital documents that OnBase can capture.

Date Capture:
Do you want to extract key data from digital documents? With automatic smart capture you can extract, classify and validate important information and distribute it to the people and applications it needs to reach.

Content Management

Consistent access to the correct information.

OnBase simplifies the way users interact with the information they need by keeping it organized and accessible so that they can do their job instead of managing maps, folders and drawers.

Let your employees contribute where they add value.

Version Control:
It is extremely frustrating when multiple versions of the same document float through the organization. OnBase manages the versions and ensures that you always access the correct one.

Users can interact digitally with a document using notes, electronic signature, stamps or other markings that can be simply applied to the document, found and processed.

Digital signature:
No one should print and then scan again just to put a signature. With OnBase everything can be done digitally

Process Automation & RPA

Not only faster, but better.

Your organization has processes that can be put on a flowchart, fixed or flexible, digital or hybrid. These can be optimized and automated by signaling the exceptions of the right people.

Gain transparency, time and traceability to be excellent.

Workflows and Approvals:
An automatic workflow – with a simple configuration – improves processes and increases employee time spent on value-added tasks. Intelligent process automation means that for each process the information will go to who needs it, when it needs to, notifying the user and waiting for him to fulfill his predetermined task.

Flexible (Ad-Hoc) feeds:
When a fixed workflow is not an option, you can use flexible workflows to dynamically set tasks and actors in a process. This way you can solve any business process.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Automate manual tasks, based on repetitive, volume procedures, where human touch does not add value, directly from OnBase.

Customer Communication Management

Get closer to the customer

OnBase can be at the heart of all digital customer interactions, either for onboarding or for various interactions.

It offers customers the services they deserve.

Intuitive design:
Your employees have better things to do than learn new interfaces. OnBase offers a familiar MS Office interface, and can be integrated into other known systems.

Integrated Document Creation
Taking data from various sources, OnBase can create customized documents for each client or process.

Multi-Channel Output
Easily accommodate customer preferences. OnBase gives you the power to publish or export information in multiple formats.


Sharing and Collaboration, Same Control

Collaborate internally and externally between employees, customers, partners and suppliers in a simple, intuitive and secure manner. Edit documents, fill out files, check pictures and videos.

OnBase makes collaboration just as easy as it should be.

Whether your current infrastructure is in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid, adding a cloud-based document sharing system is simple. It will give you scalability, security and accessibility while holding control in your hands.

Collaboration Tools:
Sharing and collaboration on internal content, with partners or clients is a daily reality of the organization. OnBase provides collaboration tools so you can comment, modify, or assign tasks based on a file.

Encryption and Audit Traceability
Information security and compliance are priority 0. The OnBase platform offers end-to-end security, access control and user activity history. Audits are no longer a source of stress.

Case Management

Manage Data, Tasks and Activities

Automates and simplifies any business situation by capitalizing on information: from medical appointments and referrals to leave requests, internal notes, committees and projects.

One platform can do everything.

Data, content and process management:
Help your employees manage data and processes by following organizational best practices. OnBase standardizes these best practices, automates repetitive tasks, and manages information and supporting documents, all in one solution.

Cases often require the involvement of many internal and external actors. OnBase facilitates this communication through notes, APIs, discussion threads and case activity history.

Reporting and Auditing:
Comprehensive dashboards and audit trails are the gold standard in case management. Gain transparency and compliance with OnBase.

Reports and Analyzes

Gain visibility into content and processes

Monitors and receives interactive reports on key processes to become better and respond to auditors.

Everything you need to see to do the right thing, and prove it.

Dashboards and Reports:
Choose from a library of pre-configured reporting tools or build new tools.

Audit trails:
Get rid of stress and interruptions by using audit trails, pre-configuring special reports or even giving auditors customized access to the information they need.

Check files
OnBase helps you identify missing, outdated or expired content.

Process Mining
Process mining examines data transaction logs in the system to help you improve and eliminate bottlenecks.


Find any information intelligently

How do you find the needle in the haystack? You are looking for it in OnBase. The system traverses all the organization’s systems, security walls and format inconsistencies to find any content immediately, easily.

No multiple attempts, no old versions, just the right content, right in front of you.

Absolute compatibility:
Users interact with multiple systems and formats. OnBase gives them the power to search for text and metadata in hundreds of formats, systems and repositories.

Smart Search:
Exact-word, exact-spelling and exact-filename are a matter of the past. Smart search allows users to find the right information faster, with smart query design tools, relevant rankings and contextual filters.

Automatic search:
Want to monitor new files and content? Users can also save and share search queries or sign up for automatic search alerts so that they are notified when the content according to their search becomes available.

Retention and Management of Archives

Secure archiving and automatic destruction of documents

OnBase manages the content lifecycle from start to finish, ensuring compliance and compliance with your people.

Simplified content management, so that your employees are back to work.

Complete Retention Management:
Free your employees from archive management. OnBase can automate all retention tasks, including approvals, transfers, archiving, or deletion.

Centralized Archives:
How do we manage physical, paper archives? With the centralized archive system, users can manage physical archives along with electronic ones, with uniform retention policies and chains of custody.

Defensive Auditing
OnBase offers defensible audit trails for the entire life of the archives, including retention and destruction.

We can help you understand the solution and you need. Let’s talk!

Key Platform Advantages

Easy integration

By natively integrating with most organizational solutions, APIs and SDKs, OnBase connects and works with all applications and systems without or with a minimum of custom development.

You are not constrained by existing systems.
  • Pre-Built Connectors

    OnBase offers multiple integrations that connect the solution with other productivity tools and enterprise applications. Pre-built connectors offer the fastest implementation and full support.

  • Web Services and Integration Servers

    No connector? No problem. The Hyland integration server provides instant data exchange, guaranteed between Hyland solutions and vore systems, without the need for programming to an API and without relying on a flat-file exchange with a high risk of errors.

  • API integration

    OnBase APIs give you the flexibility to create your own integrations. They follow the standards of the programming industry and protocols.

  • Screen-Level Integration

    Do you want to integrate with your application without custom coding? Screen-level integration allows you to automate data operations between open windows on the screen.

Low-Code platform

OnBase is configurable point & click. Everything is done from checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-downs to configure it quickly and change easily. For completely special needs, Hyland offers the right customization tools.

The flexibility of a custom development, without its risk and inefficiency.
  • With low-code tools you can:

    Exploits options such as radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-down menus to configure applications.
    Replace outdated database applications such as Access or Lotus Notes by filling in the functionality holes between your core systems.

    Empower your IT team to build a wide range of content management solutions across the organization, from a single platform.

    Capture the information first, and then refine the applications over time by identifying needs and areas for improvement.

  • Do everything at your own pace:

    Start at the department or process level and then … the sky is the limit. The platform is already there.

  • Do you have an application that could be improved with OnBase?

    Web services: Use our point & click interface to create standard web services that provide access to OnBase functionality for use by external users or third-party applications.

    APIs: Use the OnBase suite of APIs to create your own OnBase integrations, giving programmers access to documents, processes, and more using industry standards.

    SDKs: Give users access to rich content services functionality by integrating OnBase into your applications.

End-to-End safety

Everything is developed systematically, with frequent updates, pursuing safety as a primary goal. The system has multiple redundant systems, the highest levels of encryption and a control management system

A platform you can rely on, anytime, from now on.
  • Secure development lifecycle:

    The way Hyland develops and tests their software follows the ‘Secure Development Lifecycle’ methodology, ensuring that information security is prioritized at every stage.

  • Security policies:

    Robust security groups give you granular control over data access based on departments, roles, document types, and a wide range of other configurable variables.

  • Encryption

    End-to-end encryption adds a protective wall to your data so that it is safe when stored, transferred or used. This makes it useless for potential attackers in the event of a breach.

    Redundant: Redundant or cloud-based configuration ensures business continuity and disaster recovery programs, reducing and mitigating not only the impact of natural disasters, but also ransomware and DDoS attacks.

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