All product & sales documents in one place, easy to find, easy to access, efficient & orderly.

Conformity & Warranty Certificates Management
Change Management
Sales Documentation Management
Accounts Payables
Sales Documentation
Supplier Evaluation
Contracts Management
Internal Notes
Fleet Management
Property Management
Boards & Committees
European Funds Project Management
Acquisitions Management
Inspections and Audit Management
Physical Archives Management
Procedures Management
Intangible Assets Management
Client Support

These are just examples. OnBase does whatever you need it to do.

Organizes documents and information and makes it easily available to engineers, employees, distributors, suppliers and customers.

Documents can no longer be lost, they no longer lie in cabinets, but are centralized in OnBase, offering a 360 degree perspective on the products and cases.

Understands any format

OnBase captures documents and data either digitally, from mails, forms and the ERP or CRM systems, either physically scanned, understanding their content to organize them logically.

Organizes information

All documents and data are organized intelligently, connected together, structured around products, batches, cases or projects. They can be searched using keywords or ‘folder’ interface.

Works with your ERP system

OnBase takes and inserts all the necessary data and documents from and to your ERP system.


Documents have full history, and destruction as well as expiration policies in conformity with GDPR norms.

Automated Flows

Whether it is about creating a contract, approving an invoice or the intelligent management of all product documentation, change processes or delivery documents, OnBase organizes, simplifies and automates according to your needs.

The customer, supplier or employee can begin a process, introduce the necessary data and documents (including projects/CADs) in the folder and OnBase ensures that the folder goes through all the necessary steps.

Process actors can complete it, verify it, modify it or approve it. Depending on your needs, the flow can be fixed or flexible. Actors can also be external (evaluators accessing OnBase through mobile portals). It all depends on your needs.

OnBase works with your existing systems, your ERP and CRM applications, taking and inserting data from and to them. It can automatically generate documents based on extracted or inserted data, according to established templates. The system can work with digital signature.

Each process can be closely monitored, timed, and bottlenecks can rapidly be identified. All decisions have traceability, and the entire process and documents have full history.

These are just examples. OnBase does what you need it to do. Let’s talk about your needs.

OnBase = Everything is possible. You just ask for it.

Daniel Crisan

Finance Manager, Scandia

Don’t let your guard down. We need professionals like you.

Doru Spac

IT Manager, Leumi Bank

Always a pleasure to be next to our best partner that I’ve ever managed.

Guray Turan

Regional Manager - Hyland Software

They are the most knowledgeable partner I know. Definitely one of our best partners in the world. Their technical capabilities on OnBase are outstanding!

Pierre Francois

Sales Solutions Engineer, Hyland Software

Beyond these aspects, the pleasure, ease and motivation of working with ‘Matricia people’ cannot be explained… but must be tried.

Mariela Bucullei

Operations Director - Leumi Bank

The Matricia team offers the highest quality results through the professionalism and knowledge of its members, having a broad understanding of business requirements and respecting the agreed budget.

Edouard Chapuis

Infomed Fluids

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