In your organisation, we ensure all documents are in order, tasks are easy to follow, and procedures are thoroughly respected. With a single IT Platform, we solve all your present and future digitalization needs.

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Gone are the days of endless email chains with dozens of attachments, of time wasted manually managing document archives, and a total lack of task traceability. Our platform, OnBase...

Automatically orders all documents and information of any type so that you can find it quickly, anytime, using logical criteria, efortlessly.

Ensures compliance in process fulfillment, with traceability, document and decision history, connecting you with suppliers and customers through web portals.

Enables the management and monitoring of inter- and intra-departmental tasks, facilitating (document) collaboration and information sharing.


  • Captures all information with ease, be it documents or data, indifferent of format or source, and places it in one secure location, organized, easy to find by the right people.
  • End-to-end automates processes through traceable fixed and flexible workflows, digital signature, RPA, external portals and collaboration.
  • Offers flexibility through low-code configuration, native integration with any existing system, a multitude of interfaces suitable for your way of working and the ability to build, codelessly, applications for all content-centric needs.

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One IT system that manages all organisational tasks, ensuring their fulfillment through inter- and intra-departmental collaboration, information-sharing, and document composition. Each employee can generate new tasks, send them to colleagues for fulillment, attaching documents, tracking them and gaining an overview over what they have to do.

Any Document and Internal Request

The employees generate the request, selecting the type, and upload the documents and information in the system, either physically scanned or from email. The system intelligently classifies and indexes them such that they can be easy to retrieve in automatically structured folders or through the search function.

Flexible Flows

When the employee finishes completing the request, they can decide whom to send it to, knowing the organisational processes or simply their particular needs. 

Each employee involved in the process receives the request, is notified, and can interact with it: completing it, commenting, adding notes, approving, rejecting, signing, etc. Then, the respective person can decide, knowing the procedure, who is the next person who should see the request/document. Meanwhile, the request’s original author can see who is currently working on the request and what has so far been done.

Any Process

Any process that has information and documents at its core can be started by any employee, be it an internal request or an externally received request. A single system can manage complaints, contract approval flows, acquisition requests, and any other knowledge-based process. 

All decisions and processes have traceability, each employee knows what they’re supposed to do, and all documents can be easily found with complete history in the digital archive. 

With 1-Step Paperless as the foundational platform, strict predetermined approval flows can be configured with specific functions: contracts management, expense requests, loan approval, claims management, employee onboarding, etc. 

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The composition, modification and approval flow of contracts is automated with absolute traceability of decisions. All contracts and related documents are in one place, easy to retreive.

Contract Templates

Templates can be configured such that for every new contract, depending on the type, the appropriate template will be selected by the solution. The employee must only fill in the information in a digital form, and the system will complete the template with the necessary information automatically. 

Internal and Third-Party Version History

Each contract has a complete history of all changes shown directly in MS Word. The contract can be sent to the client or supplier with the ‘Send to Mail’ function. Once the third-party returns their version of the document, OnBase will compare it with the one sent and outline all the changes. 

You can place digital post-its on the document and every decision can be discussed via the document chat function. 

Related Documents

All related documents travel together. These can be accessed directly from the contract. 

Everything related to contracts management, from their generation to their archiving is quick, effortless, and minimises risks, gaining complete traceability. 

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The entire process, from the acquisition requests with active budgeting to contract management, budget setting and invoice management, in a single flexible system.

Expense Requests

Any expense request can be generated in the application through a digital form, attaching all the necessary documents and filling in the information related to the acquisition type, cost, and related budget.

The acquisition request enters an automated approval flows, depending on its type, the sum involved and the related budget. 

Active Budgeting

Users can generate and modify budgets for projects or purchase categories. Employees can solicit the reallocation of funds. Any change or request is performed in a digital form in the application, with all the necessary documents. It also enters an automated approval flow depending on its type. 


Contract Management

The system can include the composition, modification and approval of contracts. 

Invoice Management

All invoices are introduced in the system. They enter a payment flow and their status can be checked at any time. They are related to the purchase request and the contract. All with complete ERP integration. 

Expense requests, contracts, invoices, alongside the delivery documentation and the related budgeting are in one place, in one system, for complete traceability.

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Stable as a pre-made solution,
permanently configurable for your organization and its IT systems.


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Platform means the foundation of your organization’s digital future, with all the capabilities you might need and the total flexibility to respond to today’s changes and tomorrow’s needs.

A living, robust solution:

Hyland is an IT giant providing bi-annual major updates with enhancements and new functionalities, a community of 25.000+ customers, and a strong global network of support partners.

For you:

Through its immense palette of functionalities, configurability, integration with any existing solution, the inventory of interfaces suitable for your way of working, OnBase is perfectly tailored to your organization.

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  • 01

    Contact us to have a short call, so you can explain your needs and we can explain our solution.

  • 02

    We talk and see if we can help you.

  • 03

    We decide on the solution and the project specifications.

  • 04

    We analyze your business and configure the solution, with periodic steering committees during which you make the important decisions.

  • 05

    We test and instruct users, such that you can use the solution to its potential.

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